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Putting the rhythm into algorithm

Recently I’ve been doing some work with Mudlark on a data vizualisation project. Matt Watkins, their lead technologist, suggested that I might like to subscribe to Flowing Data, a daily newsletter with illustrations of different data viz work. It’s well worth subscribing to. My favourite recent post had a link to the video below which […]

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Staring down the wrong end of the telescope

After writing about how many Panini stickers collectors should expect to buy to fill a book  I’ve had a fair few comments about it.  Greg Newman brought John Crace’s article in The Guardian to my attention where he talks about “the four-yearly great Panini conspiracy theory.”  The conspiracy being that Panini don’t distribute the stickers […]

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Sigh Whitehouse

Will Hutton makes some interesting points about class, and why it still matters, in a recent Observer piece.  But he’s also made a rather startling mistakes in his maths.  He states that The good luck of being born into the right family is profound. Two American researchers, Betty Hart and Todd Risley, show how children […]

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